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ESET Antivirus 5


Number 1 rated Antivirus for Home and Business

  • Superior Performance: Very fast and won’t slow down your computer
  • Quality: Always updating to get the latest virus definitions to keep your computer safe
  • Upgradability: Easy and free upgrades even when the next version comes out as long as you have a subscription
  • Spyware/Malware: Prevents spyware and malware as well, not just an Antivirus!
  • Features: Scheduled scanning, email alerts, excluded folders, and much more
  • Price: Extremely inexpensive and huge discounts for multi-year and multi-PC!
  • Beats All Competition: A leader in the industry. Click ESET Competitive Info to see why.

Benefits Of Buying from Mega I.T.

  • Guarantee: Easy refund process, just contact us. We will always remind you to renew well in advance.

Current Pricing

Mega I.T. is an ESET Authorized Partner

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