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Laptop Repair

Maybe you use it for school or just personal use. Or perhaps it’s your business on-the-go, or simply the way you keep in touch with family and friends. Mega I.T. Technology Inc. recognizes the importance of your hard-working laptop. So when that essential tool of your trade isn’t operating at its full potential, laptop repair that is speedy and successful is necessary to get you back up to running at your full potential.

At Mega I.T. Technology Inc., we pride ourselves in providing computer service and computer repair, including specializing in laptop repair, that is always fast and effective.

Our team of trained technicians are experienced in disassembly of all makes and models of laptops, notebooks, Macbooks, and netbooks. We are confident in executing many of the complicated and detailed disassemblies which other laptop repair companies often find intimidating. Frequently, many of our laptop repairs include power jack or connector repairs. If your laptop’s power jack is damaged, you can put your trust in the skilled team at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. to have not only the appropriate equipment to perform your laptop repair, but also the skill set and experience to get the job done right.

One of the very unique laptop repair enhancements Mega I.T. Technology Inc. supports is a hard drive upgrade or replacement to a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Speedy performance expectations and cost effectiveness may appear to make this laptop improvement a do-it-yourself type of job, however professional installation in almost always recommended. The team at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. is pleased to properly install your new SSD while caring for all hardware, properly migrating or reinstalling your operating system and applications, as well as maintaining all existing warranties.

Regardless of how big or small of a problem it may be, Mega I.T. Technology Inc. is proud to assist with your complete laptop repair.

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