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I.T. Support & Consulting

Change can be stressful. We, at Mega I.T. Technology Inc., understand your concerns, whether you’re growing your business, moving office locations, or simply adding to your existing workplace, I.T. support is often necessary when it comes to making these significant changes in your business. Mega I.T. Technology Inc. wants to assist you in ensuring this critical transition is both seamless and successful.

Mega I.T. Technology Inc. specializes in the planning and executing of corporate relocations and additions for all business technology.

To start with, our professional team of trained technicians will meet with you to assess what are the needs and wants of this important undertaking. During this crucial pre-planning process, we ensure that all stages are accounted for, carefully strategizing to make certain that no details are overlooked and that no steps are forgotten. Our detail-oriented team will meticulously research all components of your technology to make sure I.T. support is provided in the correct areas of need. Mega I.T. Technology Inc. uses only the very best equipment from the set up phase to the tear down phase, and every step in between. Respectively, you can rest assured that we are only bringing brand name technology to your important organization. As an added value to executing your business’s needs, Mega I.T. Technology Inc. offers automatic offsite remote backup.

We appreciate the importance of protected and secure data storage, and we are pleased to support your company during any needed transition, as well as on a continued basis. Mega I.T. Technology Inc. offers secure remote backup for a low monthly cost.

When it comes to alleviating the stress often associated with adding to, taking away or simply changing the technology in your office environment, the reliable and knowledgeable professionals at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. are the ones you can confidently turn to for I.T. support that you can trust.

For more information or to request support please call 250.507.8988 or email support@megaittech.ca