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Server Setup & Maintenance

When it comes to service availability, the team at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. understands that your business needs to be accessible to your important employees and clients as close to 100% of the time as possible. In order to assist you with this critical endeavour, we are pleased to provide computer service for network server maintenance and monitoring for small to medium businesses and business start-ups.

A server can often times be referred to as “the brain” of your computer network. Many small businesses may question whether or not a server is even necessary.

However, servers can be much more inexpensive and straightforward than originally assumed. Servers are designed to manage, store and process data every single second of every single day, thus, making them infinitely more dependable than desktop computers or laptops. Well beyond increased reliability, servers also provide invaluable security when it comes to file and data sharing and storage, as well as centralized backup. Small to medium businesses may also profit from special enhancements associated with network servers including VPN access, email services, web hosting and database management.

In addition to the set up and installation of servers, the highly trained technicians at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. are experienced in the upkeep associated with ensuring “the brain” of your network is working as proficient as it should be.

Our I.T. support team incorporates preventative solutions to protect your essential information and data.

We complete monthly maintenance tasks including defragmentation and checking for errors at low monthly rates for all of our valued retainer clients.

The benefits are endless for companies that are ready to commit to integrating servers into their business lives. The team at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. is pleased to ensure this advantageous step is both seamless and successful.

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