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Website Hosting & Domain Registration

For small to medium businesses, business start-ups, and those individuals who are eager to break into the World Wide Web, Mega I.T. Technology Inc. is pleased to offer domain registration and hosting to help you locate those untapped resources available via the Internet.

Domain names on the internet are like telephone numbers in a phone book. Similar to phone numbers, domain names must be registered with a provider in order to allow your site visitor to find your business on the web. Just as no two phone numbers are alike, registering your domain ensures that there is not another name exactly like yours on the internet. Once your domain name has been registered, there must be a virtual shelf in which all of your files can be stored. This virtual storage area for your website is known as the web hosting or server. Mega I.T. Technology Inc. is happy to provide computer service and computer support by registering and finding appropriate hosting for the domain of your important business. We pride ourselves in providing readily available email and I.T. support whenever you need assistance. Our team of well-trained technicians is experienced in helpdesk-style calls and emails. We will always work hard to resolve your computer challenges in a prompt and professional manner.

Mega I.T. Technology Inc. supports the leading business-grade messaging system in North America: Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange offers numerous capabilities to a wide range of business sizes including email, calendaring, address lists, and task management. We recognize that email is critical to your organization. Therefore, by implementing Exchange into your operations, you can begin to enjoy its many benefits including lower, predictable monthly costs, improved email speed, robust security and above all, service availability to you and your customers as close to 100% of the time as possible.

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