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Data Transfer & Backup

In today’s computer- and smartphone-saturated age, most people appreciate that functional technology and operating system upgrades go hand-in-hand. At Mega I.T. Technology Inc., we want to provide you a seamless and stress-free data transfer experience. When data migration is necessary, you can trust us to ensure your computer or laptop is returned as familiar to you as it was when you left it in our care.

File backup and data transfer may seem like a do-it-yourself task; however, most experts will agree that when it comes to operating system upgrades, it’s best to trust a trained computer technician to do the job. Failure to understand and follow proper protocol may result in lost information causing major crisis or even worse, lead to business failure. The team at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. can ensure your precious information is protected appropriately and secured perfectly.

The educated technicians at Mega I.T. Technology Inc. are also experienced in the process of disk image copying or disk cloning. If your computer requires restoration of lost or damaged data, we have the tools to recover it. During data transfer to another machine or upgrading to a new operating system, other competitors will often wipe out your important programs, forcing you to reinstall (if you can find the disk!). We are skilled in working through these unique challenges, especially with business networked computers.

Mega I.T. Technology Inc. performs upgrades and transfers while maintaining your programs and settings without reinstalling them.

In addition to the many special details we take into consideration when working with your information, we always ensure to put back every file exactly where we found it. Competing computer stores may migrate your data only to return your computer looking unrecognizable when you turn it on. Mega I.T. Technology Inc. ensures that all programs and files are located precisely where you left them. Every time.

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